Monday, May 4, 2009

Rare Chinese Frog Teapot

This 2 piece set is a very rare Chinese Frog Teapot with limited edition by famous teapot master designer. Limted to 250pcs. The teapot mold master has broke away this frog mold to prevent replica.
This is the main body of the teapot without the teapot-mouth.

It is design for easy cleansing the tea-leaves after consumption.

The material is made of Green Clay.

The design of the main body is a shape of a Chinese fruit called " Gourd".

This is the top and surface view of the Frog Teapot Cover-lid.

The top of the frog is the Chinese Lotus leaf which also act as a handle to lift up the cover lid.

This is the cover-lid of the Frog Teapot.

The Chinese tea flow out through these holes then to the mouth of the frog!

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