Monday, May 4, 2009

Rare Limited Edition Chinese Tea JUE Tea-Pot

Take a double click on the photo if you wish to see the nano-inscription.

The tea-pot is a modern design tea-pot made by well known tea-pot master. It is a limited edition of 500pcs.

Take a closer look at this state of art nano-technology inscription.
The inscription wrote all the 36 art of strategies ( Sun-Zi-Bin-Fa)
Double click the photo to see closer.

Here is the side view of the Jue-Tea-Pot. The handle of the tea-pot was design of the ancient chinese dragon. And if you look to the center of the tea-pot there is a small plaque.

The plaque is an inscription of a very micro-nano-technology inscription. It is so tiny that you need to use a 10X magnifying glass to read the inscription.

This is the front view of the Jue-Tea-Pot. The main body of the tea-pot has a design of the phoenix birds which form the face mask of the beast ( Tao-Tie).

This is the Top View of the Modern Jue-Tea Pot design. The opening mouth of the tea-pot was a design of a beast mask( Tao-Tie ).

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