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At this moment, I have 18 different types. There may be still some different Sabre yet to discover and yet to be unearthed.My collection is still in-complete. Coin books has to be updated again, because of newer Sabre/knives discovery. Not all museum displayed have 100% of different Sabre/Knives collection. It is immpossible to collect 100% if these was founded by the local people in China. Some numismatist rejected its authentic because it was not a museum pieces. Some claimed it was fake. But for me as a researcher and collector, who cares......I am only interested in collecting something that I found it worthy and unique.
This is the shortest Sabre among the rest. Coined from JIN-State during the Zhou Dynasty-Warring States Period. Theses coins are not fully listed in the earlier ancient coin book.
Here below: I have three different sabre coin.......
(1)This Sabre belong to which state of the Zhou Dynasty- Warring States Period -JIN States. Inscription is not common words found in the bone oracles inscription. However, it was coined during the Zhou Dynasty- during the Warring States -JIN State. The inscription: Still need to further research.

(2) This is another short Sabre from JIN state of Zhou Dynasty-Warring States Period. The first inscription in which the word " Dao" (Sabre/Knife) was written as compare to the Wang Mang inscription of the same word "Dao" was written in another form of "Dao" inscription.
The other inscription still need further research.
(3) This Sabre is one of the rare collection. The inscription is not known. I need to search the Bone Oracle dictionary to track the words. It is from JIN state of Zhou Dynasty during the Warring States Period.

This is the Short pointer Sabre with the inscription " GUAN" which mean : GATE. This Sabre price cost higher because of its uniqueness.
This long sharp pointer Sabre has an inscription written "Du" which mean : Capital/ City

This long sharp pointer Sabre inscription has the same word as the Wang Mang Sabre 5000 Huobu gold-inlaid inscription. The word is: "Dao" meaning KNIFE. This is a rare inscription. Wang Mang Sabre also used the same inscription" Dao" from Zhou Dynasty -Warring States Period although it has passed two dynasties already.

This Sabre inscription has the word : " Shang" meaning : Superior

This is the long Sharp pointer Sabre with the inscription word " GUAN". This " Guan" Sabre price higher than others because of its uniqueness.

This is a very unique ans special Sabre among all. This is a left handed sabre. Most sabre were right handed.

This is one of the series Sabre from Yan & Qi-States of Zhou Dynasty during the Warring States Period.

This flat Sabre has an inscription of " Yue" mean: Moon.

This is the common Sabre with two inscription " Ri" ( SUN/ Day) and "Dao" Meaning : Sabre/Knife.

This is another common Sabre with the inscription " GANG" "DANG"

This is one of the Sabre series from the State of QI- from Zhou Dynasty.

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