Friday, May 1, 2009

China DinoSaur - Bird eggs Yunnan loacation

This is an artist impression about the China Dinosaur bird called " Confucisornis".
The egg was found in a deep mountain cave location: Yun-nan. When it was found it was a long sharp edges fully covered with lime rock. Until you break the lime rock, then you will see the egg.

How was it found?

These Chinese actually went in search for Cystral and rocks, when the broke open these sharp spike limes rock, they discovered each lime rock has a fossil dinosaur egg.

After chip off these limes rock finally the eggs hidden inside these lime become visible.There were about ten eggs. I managed to buy 4 eggs through the middle party seller.
How much does it worth?
Look out for my next publication on the worthiness of dinosaur eggs from China................reported in the newspaper.

What kind of dinosour eggs?

It was believe to belong to the dinosaur bird.

The bird name is called " Confucius Bird"( Confuciusornis) . The bird look like a MAPIE-bird. The size of the bird is not so big in size. Lived about 120 millions years ago. It is the only type of dinosaur bird found in China today.

See picture above.
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