Friday, July 17, 2009


I have designed clock ( A) with my antique china knife money.
The clock (A) with 12 pieces knife money
The clock (B) with 12 pieces knife money

The knives are stick to double sided tape. Knives may come out during shipment.

However, It is very easy to fixed it back.

Double click on photo to see Larger photo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Incense Burner from Late Shang Dynasty

Here is another beautiful in fine mint condition of the late Shang Dynasty Royal Imperial Court Room Incense Burner.

It consist of two pieces.
1) Cover
2) Container with base

Diameter: 24cm
Height: 36cm
Weight: 2.5 kgs

Color of the bronze: Lighter greenish color.
Design of container: Using flowers design. It is a very rare piece using flowers. Because in most Shang and Zhou dynasties. Mostly these food containers has design of beasts and creatures. It is very rare you will find the design only have flowers.

Close look at the flower design......

DING Food Server Plate from Western Zhou Dynasty

This is called " DING" a food server plate used to serve the Western Zhou Dynasty Royal Imperial Court during their feasting. Serving to the kings and royal family.
Feasting can lasts for 30 days. As a matter of fact, Ancient China people eats alots. It is a gluttony feasting.

It has three handle with a design of ancient dragon. The surface has a design of "Tao-Tie".
If you at the base, there is a hallow ( See a cross sign ) to allow the use of burner to heat up the foods.
Here is a close up of the surface of the server plate. You can notice two design of the " Tao-Tie".
The "Tao-Tie" face mask with the two dragons handle was design as an honor to the Shang kings being treated like "sons of gods" or like "gods".

Here you can see the top base of the plate has written inscription to prove that it was a present to the Western Zhou king made by the official "to the king on the 8th years of his reign as a gift."

This piece of server plate is also a recorded piece from the Shanghai Museum artifact collection series.

Diameter : 22cm
Height: 24cm
Weight: About 1.5Kgs!

Jade & Bronze with Gold Inlaid Wine Container Zhou Dynasty

This is one of rarest Wine Container from Zhou Dynasty.
It was used by the Royal Imperial Court to serve the Zhou Kings and princes.

It consist of three materials.
1) Jade
2) Bronze
3) Gold inlaid over the Bronze

Diameter: About 18cm
Height: 24cm
Weight : Less than 1.0Kg

There are two pieces of Jade with different dragon and tiger design.

1st view surface has a darker green Jade.
2nd view surface has a lighter green Jade.

The whole bronze container is over laid with gold. Notice : the gold at the bottom of the base.

The Wine Container cover is made of 100% white Jade. The side of the mouth of the wine container has a design of two ancient dragons.
Again, you can see the 1st view surface of the Jade design

And the 2nd view surface of the other Jade design.

Top view of the Jade cover. It has a design of ancient dragon.

Side view of the wine container. You can see the gold inlaid.