Monday, May 4, 2009

Food Cotainer " DOU" during Spring Autumn Period

This is a print from the Shanghai Museum Book. At Item #0676 you will be able to see the same item that I have on display at the museum.
This is a rare piece from Spring & Autumn period ( 770-476 B.C.) I suppose there are only two or three sets unearthed.
It was unearthed in 1966 in Henan. Today this piece is on displayed at Henan Museum.

This is the insde view of the food container " DOU".
Location of Origin: Henan

Here is the top view of the full container set. The main body of the food container also has the same 4 rings to support the holding of the container when lifted it up.

The bottom of the container was actually also able to do a heating up of foods.
There was also additional lid to allow you to open the lid-cover. It also reduce the heat when opening the lid.

Here is a full side view on this food container called " DOU". It has a thre legged stand. Most wine & foods containers were design with three legged. Because it is has a firm stand. As a matter of fact, even till today most Oriental RICE COOKER are still designed with three legged stand.

Take a closer look on the cover-lid. Basically the cover-lid is supported by 4 rings to enable to cover-lid to be open when it the Food-container still hot.

If you take a closer look, you can see hair-lines cracked. This was due to the location in which this container was unearthed probably wet and damp for long centuries. Fortunately this container bronze material was pretty tough and thickness on the container wall is able to withstand such a bad environment.

This pattern is a design from the Spring Autumn Period. The pattern has a interlocking like a snake-path.

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