Monday, May 18, 2009

DING Food Server Plate from Western Zhou Dynasty

This is called " DING" a food server plate used to serve the Western Zhou Dynasty Royal Imperial Court during their feasting. Serving to the kings and royal family.
Feasting can lasts for 30 days. As a matter of fact, Ancient China people eats alots. It is a gluttony feasting.

It has three handle with a design of ancient dragon. The surface has a design of "Tao-Tie".
If you at the base, there is a hallow ( See a cross sign ) to allow the use of burner to heat up the foods.
Here is a close up of the surface of the server plate. You can notice two design of the " Tao-Tie".
The "Tao-Tie" face mask with the two dragons handle was design as an honor to the Shang kings being treated like "sons of gods" or like "gods".

Here you can see the top base of the plate has written inscription to prove that it was a present to the Western Zhou king made by the official "to the king on the 8th years of his reign as a gift."

This piece of server plate is also a recorded piece from the Shanghai Museum artifact collection series.

Diameter : 22cm
Height: 24cm
Weight: About 1.5Kgs!

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