Monday, May 4, 2009

Duck Incense Burner - Han Dynasty

This is a rare DUCK INCENSE BURNER from the Han Dynasty.
Made from pure Bronze.
The design is very unique and rare.
Many duchess and princess in those days of Han Royal families lived a very high class living. Most of their personal room was lighted up with incense burner to keep the room with nice aroma scent smell.

Here is a close up on the duck body. The body is actually the cover-lid. To open up the lid to put incense before you close the lid back.

Noted : Some small pacthes of "Patina" coated on the lid and some on the duck's neck.

This is a opening of the lid and the opening of the duck body.

Top view of the duck body.

Closer view of the duck head.

Closer view of the duck body. It has a design of a fish pattern. The fish pattern is a Han Dynasty design.

The front body of the duck is a design of a big tortise. And the body of the tortise is another pattern of " Thunder-Nodes pattern" which symbolize royal & power.

Remark: As I said, base on the bronze aging....The actual molding may be made from Song Dynasty.(A.D. 960-1279) Although it may not be the original from Han Dynasty. But still it was old enough to be consider Antique. As a matter of fact, The Song Dynasty period has great improvement of the making of replica antiques of the Shang & Zhou & Han with a better molding technology making than the earlier dynasties.
I doesn't mind buying this piece because I appreciates its design and uniqueness. That is why this piece was one of my long term display on my antique Cabinet.
Note: If you have big piece collection, it is recommended to buy an Antique cabinet made from Special Rosewood ( HuaLingMu) material imported from China. This special antique wood protects your antiques from damages by expose to air and temperature changes. But the Antique Cabinet is quite expensive. It is tailored made and takes about 3 to 4 months to delivered.

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