Monday, May 18, 2009

Candelabra Incense Burner Zhou Dynasty

A photo of myself taken with the Candelabra Incense Burner from the late Zhou Dynasty period. Used by the Royal Imperial concubine court-room. This is a very rare piece which is not even recorded in the Shanghai Museum Aritifacts Pieces of Collection series. I love this piece at first sight. And took me some months to paid of the installment. This piece was also one of my earliest collection. Because I like Ancient China Incense Burner.

The height is about 72cm. Diameter about: 30cm
Three pieces joint.
1) Cover
2) Burner pot
3) Base stand.
Weight : Around 5Kgs!

Close up of incense cover with various design.

Close up of the incense cover with various design.

Close up of the incense cover.

The incense cover taken from various angle. with different design.

Close up of the cover from different angle.

This is the three pieces joint between the stand base + Incense pot+ Incense cover.
Total height is about 72cm.

This is the joint pieces between the incense pot and the stand. Now the height is about 40cm.

This is the Incense Pot which put the incense ingredents.
The pot has a diameter about 36cm.Height about 10cm.

This is the base stand piece.The base diameter is 22cm. The man height is about 30cm.

Design of the support stand is a design of man with two hands carrying the base of the incense pot.

The clothing worn during the Zhou Dynasty. Design pattern of clothing still very fine and visible.

The stand base is a design of ancient tiger inter-locking to one another. Very fine condition.

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