Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 Small size SABRE

This Sabre has just one inscription bearing the name" GUAN" It could be the name of the duke who coined this Sabre. It also could be the name of a city named " Guan" during the western Han period under the reign of Liu Bang. There are two versions for this series. Short pointer and Sharp pointer.

This is another special Short flat Sabre money from JIN state of Zhou dynasty.

I have accidentally broke one of this coin. It is very thin and delicate Sabre money.
Instead of throw away, I decide to use for three testing methods.
1) Test the material composition.
Result: Pure bronze. But very think layer and fragile. Must handle with care. Do not bent the Sabre. Do not wash to destroy the proof of authentic.
2) Check on the bronze material. I use a 10X magnify glass to look deep inside the material.
3) Check on the design and mold appearances.

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