Saturday, May 9, 2009

9 BIG SABRE Series from Qi State of Zhou Dynasty

Here are 11 pcs of the Big Sabre series money from Qi State of Zhou Dynasty.
It is not a full complete set........There are still some I did not managed to collect because it depend on the unearthed out from China soil. The more new construction sites for new building, the better the chances of getting more new series not rcorded on the ancient coins collection books.
These are exact to size according to the carbon copies of these coins recorded from ancient book.
I do have some collection not recorded in the book.If you take a look at the inscription on the left, it has different inscription. Indicate the Big Sabre was coined from another rich duke from the Qi state under the Zhou dynasty.
Note: Which mean you may have same series but issued by different rich duke.

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