Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spade Money from Eastern Zhou Dynasty

These few types are very rare pieces of spade money that comes with three holes. It also come with ancient chinese inscription.

If you compare my collection you will find my collection that I personally selected are ultra fine mint condition. Even the spade money are still freshly intact with the earth.

I read from one coin author that gave his opinion to readers not to trust even these soil stained in it as authentic. Many authors gave their different opinion and comment. At the end of the day, it just confused readers. I read from another author who is a Antique Coin Book seller and he gave his comment to readers not to buy any coins at all for fear of fake coins. But stress on his recommended coin books. I find his comments contradicting. If these coins were of fake, then he should be selling these coin books if he suggest readers not to buy coins, why sell book then?

Then I read another author who was a member of NPG society claimed that only if one who is a member would be consider reliable?

My comment is " Are you sure?" What make us be sure that only buy from those NPG will be truly / really authenic and we wouldn't get fake stuffs?

What more to say even when Museum employed expertise curators and buyers could even bought fake antiques and coins, so who then will be the true authenic and expertise then?

I read one coin antique author claimed that it was from Jin Kingdom of Warring States that these spade coin was coined. But from my ancient coin recorded that it should be coind during the Zhou dynasty. So which is the exact dating? Well, it is up to individual opinion.

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  1. Dear yamato,

    I like to show you the 3 hole spade coin that i found in singapore. Can you help me to find the age and meaning of the inscriptions ? I send you a picture if you give me an email adress

    Many thanks,