Monday, April 27, 2009

Gold Inlaid Duke Globet Wine Cup from Western Zhou

This is a Jue-Wine globet cup from Western Zhou period. (1,027~771BC )
Right side view of the globet wine cup supported by the three legged. It is pretty heavy. I didn't get the machine to weight it.
This is certainly one of the most rare piece that we may hardly see it from the museum. Newly unearthed in 2007 by the local Chinese.
The left side view of the globet wine cup. I have not decided to sell it off yet as I still enjoyed viewing it. Perhaps, until when I decided to let go, I will sell it to the rightful new owner.

Duke's Name inscribed on the cup handle.

Top View of the Globet cup. The purpose of the two pillars is a symbol of heaven.
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