Monday, April 27, 2009

Western Zhou Long Neck GU Wine cup

This long Neck Wine Cup called " GU"is one of a dsiplay item #0542 label by Shanghai Museum Book.
It was first unearthed in 1976.
Location: Xiang-Xi. Today this GU cup is put on display at Xiang-Xi Museum.

This is a full length size of the Long neck wine cup. The name of this cup is called " GU" from Western Zhou period( 1,027~771BC ).
This Gu cup is also a rare limited from worldwide museum. I think there are about less than 5 Gu-cups in the market world-wide.

Honestly speaking who knows when there are new ecavation works done in China during the new contruction at sites......New artifacts may be found. It is actually a very common sight in China. But the question now is : On whose lands and who own it? For us as collector or sellers : As long as they are sellers....there will be buyers.....It is a open market as long as it is not stolen goods under the ownership of the State-Museum piece. Even the Chinese authority has to bid and auction it to get back their stolen artifacts.

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On the left side is the Base of the wine cup. The base is hallow inside through the center portion. The purpose of this hallow was design to allow the wine cup use for heating of the wine. The ancient Shang and Zhou people drank wine hot. As a matter of fact, many chinese even today still drink hot chinese wine just like the days of the old. Except the chinese today don't drink from such long neck wine cup. The base of the cup also has a design of the " Tao-Tie" on both sides.

The right side is the middle part of the neck. It has a design of "Tao-Tie" beast face mask. Towards the left is a small cross hole on two sides. The holes actually allow the smoke to escape when the wine globet cup put under a small fire beneath the base.( On the left side )

On the right side is the Top : Mouth piece. The diameter is pretty wide!

Full length size of the Long Neck Globet Wine Cup used by Duke/Prince. The left side is the base. The right side is the top.

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