Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rare Southern Song Dynasty Limited Editon BAR Money for sales

These are priceless as listed in the Ancient Chinese Money Collection.
It was minted by Emperor Gong Tsung in AD 1275 In the year of his reign - Te Yu.
These Bronze Bar money was only used among Government Official during the Sounthern Song dynasty.
Eventually, these Bronze Bar Money was replaced by Bamboo and cutted into a size like the Bar Money.
Denomination of value at that time:
Range from $100 to $500 during the era of Sountern Song Dynasty.
Today the market value for each of these Bar Money are consider priceless because of its limited edition issued at that period in which there was a shortage of raw bronze material for general circulation. Hence, only rich merchants and government officials could afford to obtained it from the government monetary department.
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These Bar Money are very fine print-inscription as well as it is heavy in weight and larger in size than the rounded coins.

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