Monday, April 27, 2009

Western Zhou WINE VESSEL in Pheonix bird design

This is a very rare piece of the Western Zhou Wine Vessel. ( 1027- 771 BC )

What is a wine vessel?
The wine vessel is used to put wine and serve as a decorartion wine vessel during the feast host by the prince/duke. This piece is a dukess piece which was casted specially for the wife of the duke.

In the case of the wine vessel for the duke...It is very much masculaine rathern than feminine.

Masculine design come with the Tao-Tie" beast face mask. In the case of fememine, the design come with the Pheonix bird. To be able to own a wine vessel are only for the rich lords/dukes. Commoners are unable to own these vessels.
The larger the size of the bronze Vessels or cups or cooking utensils it show to the guests that the host are rich and powerful with authority.
Only these rich and powerful dukes/princes are affordable to get casters to mold and cast them according to their design and shapes.
Bronzes vessels was also a form of money........just like people who own gold ornaments is also a form of money.

Not forgetting that Shang & Zhou periods were under the ancient Bronze Ages of China. Large quantity of these bronzes products were casted specially for these rich and powerful dukes and princes. And when they died......they buried along these vessels with them...thinking that it will bring along with them to the next neither world.

This is one of my latest collection piece. There are some Inscription found around the neck close to the handle.
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