Monday, April 27, 2009

Early Western Zhou Globet Wine Cup

This globet wine cup " Jue" is from late Shang to early Western Zhou period. ( 1,700~771BC )

If you take another closer look of the "Tao-Tie" design you will also be able to find the design of ancient birds.

And the handle of the globet cup is the design of the ancient chinese dragon of the Shang and Zhou period. The dragon design is different from the dragon we see in modern China today.

Here is a closer look on these beautiful design. Can you see the " Tao-Tie"? which is the design of a face mask of a beast-like-look. You may refer to my January 2009 teaching about " Tao-Tie" if you don't know how it loo like. It is a very rare and unique design found only the late Shang and early western through Eastern Zhou periods.

This Duke's Globet Wine cup also has thre legged. It also has two pillars which represented heaven.

Do you know the purpose of these two pillars?

The purpose of this two pillars was a very good invention from the ancient Chinese Shang and Zhou inventor who created this wonder cup. The two pillar was use a self guided indicator to the duke/prince who drank to check whether he still can see the two pillars or seeing double vision? If he is seeing double vision of these pillars it prove that he is getting drunk and must stop drinking. Today, you will never find such wine cup with such pillars as a checker whether you are getting drunk or not. Isn't this a marvelous design?
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Top View of the Duke's Globet cup. This cup was casted during the late Shang / Early Zhou period. Material: Bronze.

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