Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A MUST BOOKS for Researcher & Collector

This book is highly recommended for researcher and collector who are seriously interested to take up studies on the pattern and design of Ancient China Bronzes vessel and ornaments.
It is really hard to find such books. It gives detail and explanation as which patterns and designs belong to which dynasty. And how these patterns changes from one era to another era.

This is another large book with thick pages dictionary on China Bone Oracles ( Bon Inscription ). This dictionary is highly recommended for those researchers and collectors interested in taking up China Ancient Language and tracing back its original Chinese writings to the present days writing.
But readers need to understand Chinese Language.
This is a page that you can see its writing and indepth explanation.

This is a pictorial Ancient China Bronze Age Vessel & Ornament which is published by Shanghai Museum.
Inside this book it cover all those bronzes you can find them on displayed at the museum. This is also a large book.
Among all nation wide Chinese Musuem in China, Shanghai Musuem has got the most collection of Bronzes. If you happen to be in Shanghai China. Take a trip down to visit the museum. Don't missed the chance to see these bronzes for yourselves. You will love these bronzes at first sight. This was what happened when I first visited. Thereafter, I have great interest in collecting China Bronzes.

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