Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Han ( XIN) Dynasty- Wang Mang 王莽 ( AD9~AD23) Coin sets for Sale

During the Wang Mang reigned. He coined many design of coin collection in Han Dynasty coin history.

Here is a full High Value coins set. ( Huo Bu 货布)
Range from 100 coin to 10,000 coin in value. ( which is equivalent in today value range from : $100 to $10,000 )

You can also learn the ancient numeral writing ( 100 to 10,000 ) from the Western Han Dynasty period.

Beside the value, there was also inscription : the place of where the coin was minted.
WANG MANG - 14th Emperor and also the last on the last throne of Western Han Dynasty. ( Also known as the XIN Dynasty / 新朝 )

Wang Mang, Nephew of the queen of Han Yuandi. In 8 AD, he became the emperor of the Western Han Dynasty and changed the country's name to 'Xin' the next year. Although he carried out a series of measures, the society was in great disarray. The dynasty was finally overthrown by a peasant revolt.
The name ( 王莽 )Wang Mang truly stand for his name as a blurr emperor.

Wang Mang was born into a distinguished family, but his father died when he was young and he held only minor posts until being made a marquess in 16 BC. His father's half sister was the powerful Grand Empress Dowager Wang who had been the consort of Emperor Yuan and mother of Emperor Cheng. In 8 BC Wang was appointed regent for Emperor Cheng, but Emperor Cheng died in 7 or 6 BC and was succeeded by Emperor Ai, who was not related to the Empress Dowager. Wang Mang thereupon resigned.

However, in 1 BC, Emperor Ai died and Empress Dowager Wang immediately had Wang Mang appointed regent for the new Emperor Ping. Wang consolidated his power by having his daughter made the Emperor Ping's empress. When Emperor Ping died as a child in AD 6, Wang Mang chose (to his own advantage) an infant successor, the Emperor Ruzi, who had only been born in AD 5. At this time, Wang claimed for himself the title of acting emperor (假皇帝) and engaged in a propaganda campaign to convince others that the Han dynasty no longer held the mandate of heaven and was to be replaced. Finally, in January of AD 9, he ascended the throne and declared the Xin Dynasty.


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