Friday, January 16, 2009


What is " Cuneiform"?

"Cuneiform" is the Earliest Form of Writing in early civilization.
I am sure you have not seen such writing before.
The predominate writing material used in the ancient Near East was clay, formed into small tablets and impressed with wedge-shaped symbols called cuneiform writing, and then baked in an oven or dried in the sun.
Note: Near East is refer to the the location of Middle-East today

Thousands of clay writing-boards have been uncovered by archaeologists. Cuneiform is the earliest -known system of writing. It was invented in Sumer around 3000 B.C. The name cuneiform comes from the Latin word "cuneus", meaning wedge.

The ancient Sumerians introduced their word system throughout the Near East. Cuneiform was so diverse and adaptable to various languages that it spread quickly and survived up until the first century B.C.

According to Babylonian beliefs Nabu, the god of scribal arts gave cuneiform to them.

It was the writing used during the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before the Hebrew Language was established at Mt Sinai.

These cuneiform writing is known as " AKKADIAN" Cuneiform.
It is written throughout the lands of Mesopotamia( Between Iran/Turkey and Iraq.) This kind of Cuneiform writing no longer active anymore in the middle-east.

I acquired 1 piece of this clay tablet Cuneiform through an auction-house.
It was dated about 4,000 BC.
It was a writing about a contract/agreement which was made between two parties.

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