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Seven Warring States Coin -戰國七雄钱币

This coin has an inscription read :
There are 2 type of design : One coin with the word inscripted on the left. Another design of the coin has the word inscripted on the right.

This is an ancient city name: "Guan" in which I believe is the city called " Guan-Zhong" 關中

There was a story behind this coin.

Under a promise issued by Prince Xin of Chu earlier, Liu Bang had assumed that he, as the one who entered Xianyang first, would be created the Prince of Guanzhong (which includes the capital Xianyang and most of Qin proper). It was a free for all. Liu Bang went to the Qin capital and swiftly captured it before any of the other groups, whilst at the same time inflicting no damage to the capital.

After the 9th battle Xiang Yu finally defeated the Qin but he was arrived GuanZhong two months after Liu-Bang. Thus Xiang Yu's march to Xian Yang was delayed. On hearing that Xiang Yu was approaching the capital, Liu Bang, taking all the treasures that he could find from the Qin's treasury, led his troops North from the capital in order to avoid a collision with oncoming Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu eventually arrived at the capital. He was very angry as he missed the fame for being the first to capture the Qin capital. He was further infuriated by the news that all the treasure was taken away by LiuBang. He ordered his troops to kill all the royal members of the Qin Court. Even the infant ruler of the Qin could not escape the butchering bythe victors. Xiang Yu also ordered all the buildings in the capital,including the palaces, to be set ablaze. The capital was razed to the ground and thus marked the fall of the Qin dynasty.

After this, Xiang Yu ordered his troops to prepare to attack Liu Bang. Knowing that Xiang Yu was furious and planned to attack him, Liu Bangbrought the treasure back to the capital and asked him for forgiveness.Xiang Yu forgave him. After the transfer was completed, Xiang Yu intendedto take all the treasures back to the East, his home base.

The Seven Warring States formed from the weakening of the Zhou Dynasty. They were, in alphabetical order by pinyin:
Chu (楚)
Han (韓/韩)
Qi (齊/齐)
Qin (秦)
Wei (魏)
Yan (燕)
Zhao (趙/赵)

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