Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is Liu-Li 硫璃 Precious Crystal For Sale

What is Liu Li "硫璃" ?
These are Ancient Crystal Ornaments made from volcanic larva which is a kind of crysal glass that form multi-colors.
It is known as " Liu Li" 硫璃"in Chinese.
It started since Autumn Spring period dated about 720BC to 430 BC .
The art of Liuli has been an honored craft among the Chinese for over 2500 years. Its origins are cloaked in mystery but its beauty is easy for anyone to appreciate. A rich array of colors are enhanced by the flow of light through the material.

Liuli was only to be used by royal families, and few knew how to make it. The mixture of color during the production process is very unpredictable and the failure rate is quite high, causing LiuLi's prices to remain high even till today. It is very fragile and easily breakable. Must handle with extra care. Each art piece are rare, never get identical piece.
You can refer to my next blog on Modern Liu Li.
I noticed a shop located at Takashimaya selling several ornaments of Modern Liu Li. Unfortunately today's LiuLi, people promote this products for Fengshui and prosperity purpose.
It is really too beautiful to collect.......But the prices of LiuLi are very beautiful too.

Market value is worth @ US$300.00
I can sell cheaper than market value.
I can also customize it for you to a MUSEUM STANDARD PIECE. But the framework cost may expected to be costly. Or you may sent it for yourself to a framework shop located at Tanjong Pagar market whospecialized in antique framing to do it for you.

* Click on photo to get a closer view.

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