Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seven Warring States Money-戰國七雄钱币

This is another priceless piece of coin from the late Eastern Zhou period. ( 722BC to 430BC ).
This coin is mint from one of the seven kingdoms.

This coin has an inscription read: "共口金化"

The Seven Warring States or Seven Kingdoms (traditional Chinese: 戰國七雄; simplified Chinese: 战国七雄; pinyin: zhàn guó qī xióng; literally "Warring States [period] seven great powers") refers to the seven warring states in China during the Warring States period in Chinese history. The Seven Warring States formed from the weakening of the Zhou Dynasty. They were, in alphabetical order by pinyin:
Chu (楚)
Han (韓/韩)
Qi (齊/齐)
Qin (秦)
Wei (魏)
Yan (燕)
Zhao (趙/赵)

The eventual winner of the wars was the state of Qin, whose ruler Qin Shi Huang established the first imperial dynasty in Chinese history. It is probable that China is named after Qin。
This is a big rounded coin.

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